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Elizabeth Hurley Eats Beef Jerky to Stay Slim

Weighed in this morning at 155 pounds, no change from yesterday.

Yesterday I started off with a serving of kefir and an avocado. For lunch I went out and had a chef salad with three glasses of Diet Coke. Later on, I had a beer. I didn't eat or drink anything else that day. I did some light exercises, but not much.

Elizabeth Hurley, the actress, apparently uses beef jerky to help her maintain her sexy figure. I read about it on Digital Spy...

Elizabeth Hurley has admitted that she eats beef jerky to help her stay slim.

Hurley told Easy Living magazine: "It's an excellent thing for anyone on the Atkins diet. I did a movie in South Africa with Ice Cube and it's all I ate. I was very thin - 121 lbs."

I'm not sure how serious she was by saying, "and it's all I ate". That is, we often exaggerate when we talk about how good something is. But on the other hand, I've had many days on the beef jerky diet where beef jerky was indeed all that I ate.

Jerky is definitely an effective food to lose weight fast, provided you can still work in other foods to balance out the nutrition, and of course still exercise.

Thanks to the folks at Gary West Meats for showing me that article.


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