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Dealing with Allergies

Weighed in this morning at 156 pounds, down 3 pounds from yesterday.

I started off yesterday with a serving of kefir and a handful of almonds. For lunch I had a small veggie tray consisting of tomatoes, carrots and broccoli. In the evening I had some dried pineapple. I also had two cans of V8, a bottle of water, and a bottle of Fruit2O. I didn't do any jogging yesterday due to my feeling under the weather, but I did manage to do some weight lifting.

I still have the cold symptoms, runny nose, watery eyes, coughing. But my body feels ok. That makes me believe it's just allergies I'm dealing with. Yesterday, the wind was blowing all day. Having these symptoms makes it miserable for me to work at my laptop, and hard to concentrate. What I really feel like doing is soaking in the tub.

I noticed recently that my wife seems to be more interested in losing weight also. She's a few inches shorter than I, but is about a few pounds heavier than me. I think that knowing she's now heavier has put some pressure on her to lose weight. But so far, she hasn't been doing much to lose weight. Rather, she's been talking about weight loss, which tells me that what I've done for myself has her thinking a lot more about herself.


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