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Day 2: Losing 5 Pounds in 5 Days

Weighed in this morning at 154 pounds, down another pound from yesterday.

It's Day #2 on the "5 Pounds 5 Days" power diet challenge, and so far so I've lost 2 pounds in 2 days. Not bad.

Here's a breakdown of what I did yesterday...

1. early morning: cup of kefir, and one Mission Carb Balance whole wheat tortilla.
2. morning: tall cup of coffee (plain)
3. afternoon: container of blackberries (170g)
4. afternoon: exercise, jogging one mile
5. mid-afternoon: beef jerky (3oz), tall cup of green iced tea (unsweetened)
6. late afternoon: exercise, light weight lifting
7. early evening: two medium sized tomatoes
8. evening: two medium sized tomatoes, 1 can of V8.

And here's the nutritional breakdown of what I ate...

Calories: 801 (2,000)
Net Effective Calories: 681
Fat: 11.83g (65g)
Carbs: 124.58g (300g)
Net Effective Carbs: (94.58g)
Fiber: 42.01g (25g)
Protein: 58.68g (50g)

(xx) = USDA recommended daily intake)

Net Effective Carbs is calculated by subtracting 30g of carbs from the total carbs. The 30g of carbs comes from the high fiber foods (kefir, whole wheat tortilla, and blackberries), which does not get converted into sugars, and is passed out unconsumed. Net Effective Calories is calculated by subtracting 120 calories (30g carbs x 4 calories per carb) from the total calories.

The beef jerky I ate had a lot of sugar in it, about 30g of carbs total just in that bag. Beef jerky is actually a pretty good diet food, considering it's high in protein. But you have to read the Nutrition Facts label and one that's lowest in carbs. Plain beef jerky has no sugar, and no carbs. It's just that companies tend to throw sugar into it.

So I've discovered that canned light tuna, packed in water is actually better. It has no sugar at all, though a typical can (6oz) actually provides less protein. But overall, when I combine that with the cup of kefir and the whole wheat tortilla, I end up with more than the 50g of the daily recommended intake by the USDA.


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