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Weekend Pig Out Ruins Dieting

Weighed in this morning at 159 pounds, up three from last Saturday.

I pigged out over Saturday and Sunday. Saturday the wife and I did some sushi and sashimi for lunch. We tried walking it off throughout a shopping mall. Later in the evening we took the motorcycle out to a brew pub in Oceanside and I downed a couple beers and split a pizza with her. Then off to a couple more pubs for two more beers. We finally ended the evening at Killarney's in Temecula, danced a couple of songs, and a had a bloody mary.

Sunday was easier. I hooked up with a friend, and rode our motorcycles around the area. I had some peruvian food, and a few refills of Diet Coke. Then we hit up a brew pub in Huntington Beach, and had another beer. That was all I had for that day.

I did some exercises on Sunday, but no jogging.

Clothes-wise, I'm now down to wearing only size "small" t-shirts. My pants are down to a waist size 32. That's probably the most expensive part of losing weight, buying new clothes.

But I'm getting to the point that I enjoy getting into smaller clothes. The last 15 years, I've been wearing such large clothes. I still have about 50 "XXL" sized t-shirts. Those years were spent trying to be modest and not advertising my big belly. Now, I just want to look like a physically fit guy.


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