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Weekend Disaster Averted

Weighed in this morning at 161 pounds, up one pound from last Friday.

Over the weekend I actually gained a lot more weight. That Friday, I had almost stayed on the beef jerky diet, until I decided to call a friend and get together for some beer. So I chugged down about four bottles, and we chewed on some grapes and trail mix.

The next morning (Saturday), I weighed in at 163 pounds. And that day I got together with a different friend and we rode our motorcycles to this dealership for demo rides. But the line was too long, and we didn't want to wait. But they offered up hot dogs and lemonade, and so I capitalized. Afterwards, we stopped at Nessy Burger and I had a chicken sandwich. I got home around 2:00pm, and I jogged for a mile.

Then I got a call from another friend who invited me to hang with him at a winery to drink some wine and munch on some munchies. So I did that, and drank a bottle to myself. Later we hit up a tavern and I had a beer.

So the next morning, Sunday, I didn't even bother to weigh myself, worried I was going to see something like 165 or 166 or something.

But that day I got together with more friends and we all rode our motorcycles to Coronado, taking the long long way, up and down some mountains and through some canyons. We to Mc P's Irish Pub in Coronado around 2:00pm. All I had was a chef salad, which I only ate half of, no dressing just Cholula Sauce, and iced tea. And that was all I ate that day.

So, the net effect is that I gained one pound over the weekend. Not too bad I suppose. I think riding my motorcycle all day Sunday, and not really drinking much helped evaporate much of the water I had gained from the beer and wine on Friday and Saturday.

I guess my goal for this week is to hit 159 pounds by Saturday morning.


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