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Not Enough Sleep Leads to Lower Productivity

Weighed in this morning at 158 pounds, down a pound from yesterday.

I started yesterday morning off with a serving of kefir, and a handful of dried montmorency cherries. I had intended to get back on track with the beef jerky diet, but didn't. What happened is that I discovered a pound of beef top round in the refrigerator starting to go bad. I bought it last week to make jerky, but got hit with the flu, and never did.

So instead, I fried it up in a pan with some black pepper and canola oil. Then I added some tortillas, cheese and pico de gallo, and had tacos. That was all I ate yesterday. I added a few bottles of water, and 2 cans of Diet Coke.

But I also did my full round of exercises yesterday too, doing a 2-mile jog, sit-ups, crunches, push-ups, and some weight lifting.

Later that night, I attended an affiliate marketing meeting in Murrieta hosted by a guy who lives a few minutes away from me. He put out pizzas, a cake, and cans of soda. I found it rather easy to avoid the pizza and cake, but that's where I had the two cans of Diet Coke.

He mentioned suffering from a lot of headaches. He works from about 7:00am to about 2:00am. I told him to stop drinking coffee, sodas, and anything with caffeine in it. He needs to get a full night's rest. "No way", he said. "I'm too busy". So I told him he'll feel a lot better, and be more productive, if only he gets a full 8 hours of sleep.

But that's just how it is in the dotcom profession. Nobody gets enough sleep. I know, I used to be that way too.

At the meeting, I ran into a gal whom I had met a few years ago, and hadn't seen since. The last time we saw each other, I was a fat boy. So, she remarked how thin I am. I felt pretty pleased. I think she's the first person I've talk to thus far who has not seen me since I started the beef jerky diet. It's fun to hear someone express their surprise to see much weight I've lost.


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