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Montmorency Cherries Fights Gout

Weighed in this morning at 161 pounds, no change from yesterday.

Yesterday, I stuck to the beef jerky diet, eating 6.5oz of jerky. I had a serving of kefir, a handful of grapes, and a handful of dried cherries in the morning, and then three bottles of water, and one bottle of Fruit2O throughout the day. I also did my exercises, 2-miles of jogging, sit-ups, and crunches.

As for those dried cherries, they're actually "Montmorency Cherries". I had been eating those off and on over the past several months. I got the idea from my dad, who eats them everyday. He says specifically Montmorency Cherries stop gout from forming. They won't reverse gout, only stop it from progressing. He has gout, and his father had gout, and his father's father had gout. So, I figure I'll be getting it too. They say eating a lot of red meat, and soda causes it.

I also bought a few hand weights, a #5, #7, and a #10, to do some different exercises.

Aside from all that, I didn't do much yesterday aside from sitting at my computer most of the time.

The motorcycle always beckons me to ride. I was tempted to ride out yesterday, but I think I may that do that later on today. It'll be interesting to see if I can go out riding without actually stopping to eat or have a beer.


October 28, 2009 at 7:13 AM Anonymous said...

I had a bad gout attack a few days back. After eating a half a bag of dried cherries, the excruciating pain went away. I also drunk lots of water and took 4 ibufrofen, but I think the cherries did the trick. I think they reversed it. By the way, I had eaten a bunch of asparagus that day. It is high in urica acid and can cause gout.

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