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Low Potassium During Dieting & Weight Loss

Weighed in this morning at 157 pounds, down one from yesterday.

I started off yesterday with my usual serving of kefir, and then a handful of montmorency cherries. Later I had 5oz of jerky. In the evening, I had about 8oz of baby carrots, plain, no dressing or any kind of topping. I drank down two bottles of water, and two cans of low sodium V8.

I think I'm going make V8 a normal part of my diet again. I need the potassium. From researching the USDA's nutrient database, it looks like four cans of V8 will provide about 100% of the RDA for potassium. I won't necessarily need to drink four cans per day, maybe two will be fine. I'm sure I can get potassium from other sources as well.

Potassium is needed for normal cell function, which also includes normal colon function, which I'm guessing may explain some of the constipation. I'm sure eating a lot of beef jerky also explains the constipation too.

And it looks like potassium is also needed to help restore energy back to the muscles. If you recall, I find myself exhausted everytime I exercise, and it's likely due to a severe potassium deficiency.

I'm also very deficient in magnesium, which is also necessary for metabolism and getting energy to the muscles. I have a friend who is a physician, and he commented to me that most people are deficient in magnesium.

My theory is that if I can get metabolism energy better, and get more energy to my muscles, I can exercise more, burn more calories, and be more fit.

So today I'm going to look at getting a multivitamin to take daily.

If you've noticed, I've also changed the beef jerky diet lately to where I'm eating a lot less jerky, and more fruits and vegetables. I think as I'm getting closer to my weight loss goal of 150 pounds, I'll be doing more of that. That should help get me more of vitamins and minerals I need.


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