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Losing Weight With The Flu

Weighed in this morning at 160 pounds, down one from yesterday.

Yesterday, I didn't feel good. It seems I caught the cold or flu that my wife had the week before. I started out with 1oz of jerky, but wasn't in the mood for jerky. I looked inside our refrigerator and found some leftover rice and refried beans. I took those out, along with some tortillas and cheese and made burritos.

I also drank down a serving of kefir in the morning, and three bottles of water, and a bottle of Fruit2O. I laid down most of the day.

However, I was still able to muster out some exercises in the evening, doing some push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, and some weight lifting for the arms, shoulders, and chest.

I'm just going to lay low again today.


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