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Losing Weight Leads to Lifestyle Changes

Weighed in this morning at 160 pounds, up two from yesterday.

Yesterday, I woke up feeling better from the flu. The runny nose seemed to be gone, while the watery eyes and coughing was still there. But by later that afternoon the watery eyes was gone, and the coughing had reduced quite a bit. I still felt fatigued.

I was supposed to hang out with some friends at a local tavern that evening, and at the last moment I decided to do it. Later on that evening I actually felt pretty good, after a few beers, a salad, a couple slices of pizza, and a tall glass of water. That's largely what put the two pounds back on me.

This morning things feel better, though I still feel a bit fatigued. I really ought to just rest and regain my strength today.

You know, they say that the key to losing weight and keeping it off is to make lifestyle changes that lead to health and fitness. But I wonder if losing weight is what actually encourages you to make lifestyle changes. That is, I think most of us can't lose our cravings and laziness until we start seeing results from our diet and exercise efforts. Once the weight starts coming off, that's when we feel encouraged to pursue those lifestyle changes.

The more I've lost weight, the better I'm eating. I find it easier to order salads when I go out now. Contrast that to when I hit my highest weight of 240 pounds, and I made a choice to get back to my "normal" weight. I knew I had to make lifestyle changes to get there, but I was still unwilling to give up my burgers, pizzas, tacos, etc. I tried to find a way to lose weight while still enjoying burgers, pizzas, and tacos. I spent about 3 years doing that, and cutting back on little things like french fries, potato chips, and switching to diet sodas.

And it actually worked. I managed to lose about 15-20 pounds over those 3 years. That's a very minimal weight loss, but it was still enough to encourage me. And that's when I started the beef jerky diet.

It wasn't until I got under 200 pounds that I found it even easier to make more lifestyle changes. Once the pounds started coming off at a rate of about 5-10 pounds per month, I found myself wanting to exercise. I wanted to reach my weight loss goal badly enough, that I found easier to commit to lifestyle changes.

Now, I'm asking my wife to bring me back a small veggie tray for lunch when she goes grocery shopping, and I'll have her pick up some grapes or strawberries. I exercise everyday, and actually look forward to it, whereas before I would dread doing it. I rarely drink sodas anymore, it's mostly water with lemon, or Fruit2O, or iced tea.

I start the morning with a serving of kefir, a type of yogurt, said to be very beneficial to the digestive system. In the past that was food for healthfood freaks, but now I'm drinking it everyday.

I still drink my fair share of beer. But interestingly, I'm being told that dark beers are actually one of the most healthiest foods in the world to eat.

This decision to eat healthier only came after I saw significant results from my weight loss efforts. Had those results not come, I would have not made those lifestyle changes.


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