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Increasing My Exercises

Weighed in this morning at 165 pounds, no change from yesterday.

Yesterday, I stuck to the beef jerky diet, though not totally. In the morning, I just didn't feel like eating any beef jerky, so I had about a half-pound of grapes instead. But later on, the beef jerky started sounding good, so I finished the day with 8oz of jerky. Add to that a serving of kefir, 4 bottles of water, and 2 bottles of Fruit2O.

I did all the usual exercises, 2-miles of jogging in the morning, 1-mile of jogging in the afternoon, and another 1-mile jog in the evening. Two sets of sit-ups, push-ups, and crunches.

So if you've been following the blog daily, my jogging routine has increased to 3 times daily, once in the morning, afternoon, and evening. I'm really trying to burn the calories. I'm not sure by this point if this diet is more about the exercising than it is about the jerky. But, jerky still continues to be a major facet of the diet.

Yesterday, I also got in a bunch of free jerky from some manufacturers looking for reviews. That's good, because I was about to purchase some stuff online.


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