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Gaining Muscle and Losing Weight

Weighed in at 164 pounds this morning, down two from yesterday.

Yesterday, I did another partial beef jerky diet, eating 6oz of jerky, along with some strawberries in the morning, and more strawberries in the evening. I had 2 bottles of water, and three bottles of Fruit2O. I also did a 2-mile jog in the morning.

Today is a non-diet day, but I'm going to try for a salad and go easy on the beer. Well ok, I think the salad is doable, but I don't know about the "going easy on the beer" part.

It's funny, I just blogged yesterday that it's getting harder for me to lose weight, despite exercising more. I'll jog and jog, and do my push-ups and sit-ups, and for several days straight, no weight loss. But then one day, I'll lose two-pounds overnight. Go figure.

I suppose I could also be gaining muscle from the exercising.

Oh, a few days ago the wife and I shopped at Sam's Club, and I picked up a pair of size 32 Levi's for $14.00. And they fit good too. I still have a size 33 Levi's that I haven't even started wearing yet.


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