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Blew My Diet Last Weekend

Weighed in this morning at 166 pounds, up one pound from last Thursday.

I had hoped to weigh in last Saturday at 163 pounds, but it didn't happen. I think I had weighed in at 167 pounds instead. And then Sunday morning, I was up to 170. Basically on Friday and Saturday I had gave in to my evil side and gorged on such delicacies as tacos, pizzas, beer, margaritas, and bloody marys. Fortunately, much of the weight gain was in water.

Sunday I did better, eating a smoked turkey salad with no dressing, just some pico de gallo and hot sauce, a few slices of sourdough and butter, and Diet Coke. I didn't drink much liquids that day either, since I was still doing fine eliminating it from the prior two days.

And I didn't exercise much over that Friday through Sunday.

So I guess I'm happy to have weighed in this morning at 166. I'm still going to make 163 pounds my weigh in goal for next Saturday.

I had got to thinking about doing some hiking this week. Years ago I used to do a lot of day hikes with a buddy of mine. We'd read books about interesting hikes in the SoCal area. After he moved up north, I kinda stopped doing it. I really love the desert, Anza Borrego in fact, so I was spending some time on Google Maps and Topozone, looking for some canyons accessible by four-wheel drive, and then take my pickup out there.

But it's pretty darn hot out there right now. Still, I'm tempted to go out there.


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