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Anza Borrego Desert Hiking

anza borrego desert hikeWeighed in this morning at 162 pounds, down 2 pounds from yesterday.

Good news, I beat my weight loss goal for the week, which was 163 pounds by this morning's weigh in.

Yesterday I was supposed to be on the beef jerky diet, but decided to stay off.

Instead, I finally did some afternoon hiking. I went out to the desert, Anza Borrego Desert. I basically hiked up a wash. Actually, I drove my truck up most of the wash until it goes into a canyon, and gets too tight for the truck. Then I set out and hiked up the wash. Eventually, I get up to a mountain range, and then hiked up the mountains. I sat up there and enjoyed views of the valley.

But I still did a 2-mile jog in the morning before setting out.

All I ate yesterday was a serving of kefir in the morning with some strawberries. Then I had four bottles of Fruit2O (3 bottles before the hike, and 1 after). Then I had several grapes, and finally ended the evening with a bottle of lemon water.

That's pretty hardcore dieting and exercising for one day.

But I had a lot of fun hiking up the wash and climbing up the mountain. It reminded of the days when I was a kid and our family would camp out in Anza Borrego. It was pretty hot out there, but I don't mind the heat. It's that whole quiet and solitude of the desert that I like.


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