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Weighed in this morning at 172 pounds, down one from yesterday.

I did my walk-n-jog this morning.

Yesterday I stuck to the beef jerky diet, eating about 12oz of jerky, and four bottles of water. I even did some cleaning up in the backyard. I need to do some weed-pulling today.

I've been perusing other dieting and weight loss blogs just to see what other dieters are thinking and writing.

First, it seems that 90% of weight loss blogs are written by women.

Second, not many of them track their daily weight loss efforts, rather they'll write about their lives in general, about their jobs, their boyfriends, or the often "a funny thing happened to me on the way to the forum" kind of stuff. It makes me believe they're not focused on losing weight, and only wishing.

But there are some that do notate their daily progress (or regress). And that provides me with some comparable data.

Third, a lot of these weight loss bloggers are downright down on themselves, sounding rather morbid, talking about how they're losing out on the joys of life because they're fat.

The reasons for blogging about our weight loss efforts could be many. I'm finding that it helps me keep focus on this diet plan. If I know people are reading this regularly, then I feel as if I should keep plugging away.

But then, I don't really know how many people are following me regularly, since I don't see many comments posted here, or familiar login names.

(That would be a hint to all you readers)


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