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Weight Loss and Low Blood Pressure

Weighed in this morning at 169 pounds, up one from yesterday.

Yesterday was a non-diet day. Some friends and I rode our motorcycles for about 230 miles over mountains and canyons. We had lunch at Major's Coffee Shop in Pine Valley, CA. I had a chef salad, with salsa, and a Diet Coke. We also stopped in Barrett Junction and I had a beer. One guy ordered a rack of pork ribs and split it with everyone. So I had one pork rib, a piece of corn bread, and some BBQ beans.

At the end of the ride we stopped in Temecula and I had another beer.

I didn't exercise at all yesterday. I had intended to walk-n-jog early in the morning before the ride, but when I woke up I just didn't feel like going.

And when I got home from the ride, I went straight to the bath tub and soaked for awhile. When I got out of the tub and stood up to dry off, I got dizzy and my vision blacked out, but returned in about 10 seconds. That's actually common for most people, "orthostatic hypotension". But I got it more severely at that moment than normal. I laid down on the bed and rested.

Then I got up and pulled out our blood pressure monitor and strapped it on. It read "89/57". That's low.

I tried to figure out what might cause my blood pressure to go that low. I wondered if it might be low sodium. Since I had salad with salsa that day, a pork rib, corn bread, and some BBQ beans, and then beer. But I don't know. The salsa has a fair amount of salt in it, as does the corn bread and BBQ beans. But then again, maybe the sweat and peeing leached out the sodium.

Either way, I responded by breaking out a jar of pickles and a couple bottles of water, and I started feeling better.

I'm wondering if maybe over the course of several weeks, my sodium has gradually dropped. The US RDA for sodium is 2,400 mg. I typically consume about 3,000 mg of sodium the entire day while on my beef jerky diet. But with the jogging, other exercises, soaking in the hot tub, and peeing throughout the day, I'm losing sodium also.

Another thing, I used to drink V8 juice each day, anywhere from 1 to 2 cans, which is about 200-400 mg of sodium. I stopped doing that in lieu of drinking kefir the past few weeks. I had been drinking V8 for the fiber, but changed to kefir because it does a better job of maintaining regularlity, but doesn't have the sodium.

So proper sodium balance is something to think about.

Well, today's another non-diet day. I've been wanting to get some sushi!


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