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Sit-Ups Versus Crunches

Weighed in this morning at 170 pounds, down one pound from yesterday.

I did my walk-n-jog this morning.

Yesterday, I stuck to the beef jerky diet, eating 9.25 oz of jerky, three bottles of water, and two bottles of Fruit2O. I also did an evening walk with my dogs, for about 1 mile.

I also started doing sit-ups in the evening. I've been doing them nonchalantly for about a couple of weeks, but last night I took on a more determined attitude. These are "sit-ups" as opposed to "crunches". Sit-ups is where you brace your feet and use your leg muscles to help pull your body up, whereas crunches you don't brace your feet, and use only your abdomen to pull you up.

With crunches it's very difficult to lift your torso up off the ground, I can only lift my shoulders. With sit-ups much of the exercise is felt in my legs, though I do end up feeling some burn in my abdomen too.

But I'll transition to crunches as eventually.

I'm trying to get that soft underbelly into something more trim and toned.

I even thought about doing push-ups, which I think I'll eventually do, but I'm just taking my time right now, getting myself used to doing a series of exercises every morning and night.

It's interesting that once I've gotten my mind focused on losing weight, it's starting to become natural to me. The laziness is the toughest part of losing weight, but if you can turn it into a routine, and see results, it becomes habitual and you want to keep seeing more results.


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