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Losing Weight with Yard Work

Weighed in this morning at 166 pounds, down two from yesterday.

And yesterday was a non-diet day again. I took the wife to our my favorite japanese restaurant and had sushi and sashimi, along with some eggplant, napa cabbage, mushrooms, and roasted bell peppers. Then washed it down with a few refills of Diet Coke. I was full when I left, but not stuffed, and that was all I ate that day.

However, I did start the day with a serving of kefir, and drank two bottles of Fruit2O and a bottle of water later on. And then the normal exercises, jogging in the morning, dog-walking in the evening, and two sets of push-ups, sit-ups, and crunches.

Continued again with more yard work in the back, or actually on one side of the house where I have more weeds to pull and a couple of overgrown bougainvilleas to trim.

Those bougainvilleas are nasty due to their thorns. Perhaps more nasty than the pygmy date palms. The palms have some pretty pointy thorns, but their thorns are only at the base of the fronds, whereas the bougainvilleas have thorns all up and down the branches. After trimming one of them I noticed spots of blood on my arms and legs where I got poked and scratched.

"Yardwork" seemed to be the word for the day yesterday, as my neighbor to the left was in the backyard pulling out a forest of weeds, and my neighbor to the right was mowing the lawn.

During my evening walk, I saw him about to get started and said "hi". We got caught up on the latest news. He mentioned me having lost some weight, which I attributed to my exercising and dieting. I remember several years ago he and I looked at getting memberships at a gym, mostly so that we could play racquetball. I asked him if he was still interested, but said I probably won't look into it until the beginning of next year, and he seemed to agree that next year might be ok, acknowledging finances are kinda tight right now.

As I said last Saturday, 165 pounds is my goal for next Saturday's weigh in, and right now I'm just 1 pound away from that. But I think I have a better chance of hitting that goal, or exceeding it than last week, since I don't have any plans right now to go beer drinking this week. This next weekend I plan to take an overnight motorcycle ride with some friends to Kernville, where I'm sure I'll be packing in the beer and BBQ.

So hopefully I can finish this week on a good note.


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