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Lose 7 Pounds in One Month

Weighed in this morning at 170 pounds, down one from yesterday.

I stayed on the beef jerky diet yesterday, or kind of. I had a bag of jerky in the afternoon, and then a oatmeal raisin cookie in the evening, and my Dannon Activia. And then several bottles of water. It was actually cheating, since I consumed fewer calories than what my diet plan calls for.

But I just wanted to hit that 170 mark.

Hey! I hit my goal of 170 pounds by the end of the week, as well as the end of the month. I actually lost something like 8 pounds for the month. I did it mostly by sticking to the diet plan, which is about 3 bags of jerky a day (750-1000) calories, and some kind of fiber drink (two V8 Juice cans 300 calories, or one Dannon Activia 160 calories).

And then walking and jogging every morning.

Of course you need a lot of determination to resist the temptation of snacking or over eating. The determination is the tough one. It helps for me to keep my mind focused on other things. So, I make up a list of things I can do each day to keep from getting bored.

Beef jerky is not really all that critical, you can lose weight with any food, as long as you manage the calories in versus calories out. It's just that beef jerky helps out since a bag is pretty low in both fat and carbs.

Today's a non-dieting day. I'll be going out for a little motorcycle ride in the AM, and then hit up a friend's birthday party. I'll be consuming more than enough calories to make up for yesterday.

Oh, about yesterday, where I said that I could feel my pulse so much more easily now? I wondered if maybe my blood pressure is high. We happen to have a blood pressure monitor at home, and I took a couple of readings. The first came out 97/70, the second came out 97/68. That's within the normal range, though towards the lower end.

Ok, so my goal for next week is to reach 168 pounds by Saturday morning (assuming I'll gain 5 pounds of beer this weekend!)


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