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Kefir Versus Yogurt

Weighed in this morning at 170 pounds, no change from yesterday.

Yesterday I had 5.25 oz of jerky, along with about a half-bunch of grapes, three bottles of water, three cans of Diet Coke, and a chug of blueberry flavored kefir.

I did my walk-n-jog this morning.

Breaking across that 170 pound barrier seems tough. I want to say that I went through something similar last January when I hit the 170 mark.

I finally ran out of Dannon Activia, and decided I would try to find a store around here that sold kefir. Kefir is basically just like yogurt, which is what Activia is, except it contains more beneficial strains of bacteria. If you do some googling on "kefir", you'll find websites that makes all kinds of claims. I don't know if they're all true, but I wanted to give it try, particularly since my brother seems to be into the stuff.

Well, I finally discovered that Ralph's sells it. I couldn't find it at Albertsons or Stater Bros. It's the Lifeway brand, blueberry flavored. I tried a few chugs of the stuff, and it tastes exactly the same as Dannon Activia, and exactly like yogurt.

I'm gonna ask my wife to stop buying diet sodas, and stick to bottled water. We can get store-branded water in greater quantities, and still pay a lot less money.

I also did some googling on lemon juice as a dieting aid and found several sites claiming that it aids in digestion and causes the body to metabolize faster. I have some bottled lemon concentrate, and I'm gonna throw a squirt of juice into each bottle I drink.


August 6, 2009 at 10:33 AM Lifeway Anna said...

Good for you! You're certainly not the first to kick yogurt to curb for kefir. We may be biased, but it's a good move.

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