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Keeping a Weight Loss Chart

Weighed in at 170 pounds this morning, still no change.

I stuck to the beef jerky diet yesterday, eating 6.5 oz of jerky, four bottles of water, a serving of kefir in the morning and a Dannon Activia in the evening.

This morning I did my walk-n-jog.

Actually, I had weighed in at 169.5 pounds if you want to get technical, but I opted to play conservative and recorded it as 170 pounds.

Hey check out my weight loss chart...

weight loss chart
I went through this blog and created a graph of my weigh-ins and plotted them on a chart...

  1. My goal is 150 pounds, the bottom line

  2. My starting weight on this diet was 220, but I didn't record the date of that weigh in, so it's not on this chart

  3. That long straight line towards the end is a period of six months when I stopped recording my weigh-ins.


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