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How to Lose Six Pounds in Five Days

Weighed in this morning at 174 pounds, up another pound from Saturday.

I did my walk-n-jog this morning.

So over this past weekend, I splurged. Saturday and Sunday each saw me consuming mass quantities of beer, though not necessarily stuffing myself with food. Hopefully my body is still trying to eliminate some water from all that.

So I need to lose six pounds in five days in order to reach my goal of 168 by next Saturday's weigh in. I plan to stick to the beef jerky diet as best as I can, but try to burn more calories. How? My backyard now has some serious weeds growing, and I need to prune the palm trees. It's been calling my name and I've ignored it.

And if you just happened to find this post through a Google search, losing six pounds in five days is not really that hard. That is, the body is capable of losing a pound of fat each day. You just have to limit the calories in versus calories out.

So to the newcomers to this blog, beef jerky is something to consider if you need weight loss fast. It's very low in fat, and very low in carbs. And because beef jerky is a lot of protein, it causes the body to metabolize harder.

Get two bags of jerky, (3 or 4oz sized bags), and spread the jerky out over a full day. Start with a piece as you're walking out the door to work, eat another when you get to work. Make it last so that you're finishing the last piece around 6:00pm. That's your only chewable food for five straight days.

In between the jerky, drink water. I like to squirt some pure lemon into the water, it'll actually aid in the digestion, and give it some flavor. You can buy a bottle of pure lemon juice at the grocery store.

In order to ignore the urge to eat, you have to keep yourself busy. Create a list of things to do to prevent yourself from thinking about food.

You'll have to exercise. If you can't handle running, just walk. Shoot for about 2 miles a day, and alternate between walking fast, and walking normal.

If you experience constipation, take fiber pills, or a fiber drink like Metamucil. Eating nothing but jerky will do that to you.

But don't do this diet plan for more than a week straight. Your body needs fruits and vegetables. After you've lost five or six pounds, mix up the dieting schedule with like 4 days a week of beef jerky dieting, and 3 days eating fruits and vegetables.


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