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Health Benefits of Beef Jerky

Weighed in this morning at 169 pounds, down another pound from yesterday.

Yesterday I stuck to the beef jerky diet, even though it was supposed to be my non-diet day. I had 8oz of jerky, three bottles of water, a bottle of Fruit2O, and two bottles of Archer Farms flavored water.

I also exercised, doing my 2 mile walk-n-jog in the morning, as well as an evening 1 mile walk, and I did 30 sit-ups, and 20 crunches.

AND, I spend a couple of hours trimming my pygmy date palms. I have still have several more to go through.

I think I'll spend today off the diet, as well as this Saturday and Sunday. But I'll still do the exercises.

That Archer Farms flavored water is pretty good. That's the store brand for Target Stores. It has no sweeteners, just water and fruit flavoring. But considering how good it is, it's still more expensive than just buying plain bottled water and adding a squirt of lemon juice. And the Archer Farms stuff has no vitamins. At least the lemon water I'm making has some Vitamin C.

As for the "Health Benefits of Beef Jerky", I'm always wondering why more beef jerky companies don't put more emphasis into marketing this. I'm documenting on this blog right now what it can do for weight loss. But it's also better than eating potato chips, cookies, candies, and Twinkies. It's also very low in fat and very low in carbs, and high in protein.

House of Jerky is one of the few jerky brands that actually puts some effort into touting the health benefits of jerky:


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