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Gained Five Pounds Yesterday

Weighed in this morning at 175 pounds.

Like I said yesterday, I'll probably gain 5 pounds in beer.

At my friend's birthday party yesterday, I had four beers I believe, but three margaritas, and a shot of 100 proof tequila, and then hit my drunkeness for the evening. I chilled out drinking several fruit juices and water.

But I also breakfast that morning after my motorcycle ride, having an omelette, potatoes, and english muffin.

At the birthday party, I gobbled down three bratwursts, a hamburger patty, potato salad, several deviled eggs, some cookies, and chips.

But I think most of the 5 pounds I gained yesterday was from the fluids.

I need to stop drinking hard stuff. My body can't seem to deal with that anymore. When I hit the sack last night, my head was spinning, and I couldn't sleep at all. I felt like crap the whole night. So far, beer seems to be ok provided I stick to the lower alcohol beers.

I did my morning walk & jog today, hoping that would do something, but it didn't.

Today, the wife and I going out for brunch, but I think I'm just going to get a salad. I haven't had much veggies this past week.


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