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Fruit2O Water is Not Bad

Weighed in this morning at 166 pounds, down one from yesterday.

And that becomes my lowest weight ever on the beef jerky diet.

Yesterday I did all the usual stuff, had 8oz of jerky, four bottles of water, two bottles of Fruit2O, and a serving of kefir.

I did my 2-mile walk-n-jog in the morning, and a 1 mile walk with the dogs in the evening. 2 sets of push-ups, sit-ups, and crunches one in the morning and one in the evening.

I also did more work on the backyard, trimming one more pygmy date palm, but pulling a ton of weeds.

Despite my saying earlier that I didn't like the sweetness of the Fruit2O water, I actually asked my wife to buy another case. I tried a few other brands of fruit-flavored water, and I guess this has been the better stuff. I like the vitamins it offers, and it has plenty of electrolytes which I figure I'll need if my exercises and yard work continues to increase. And no calories.

I'm still drinking plain bottled water however. And I'm still squirting some pure lemon juice into it. When I've been writing my beef jerky reviews, I found the lemon water cleans the palate better.

I'm making today a non-diet day, since I had arranged to meet some friends tonight for some beer at the local tavern. So this afternoon my wife and I will go out for some lunch, and I'll be sticking to salad. Then it'll be back to more yard work, and the usual grind.

I also went through all my pairs of jeans and pulled out the ones too big for me. I still have several size 40s, along with a few size 38s and 36s. I tried some of them on for kicks, and they're way too big. I'm wearing size 33s right now. At my heaviest weight of 240 pounds, I didn't consider myself to be that big, but I still can't believe I used to fill out those size 40s!


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