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Fruit2O versus Water

Fruit2OWeighed in this morning at 171 pounds, down another pound from yesterday.

I did my walk-n-jog this morning.

Yesterday, I stuck to the beef jerky diet, eating 8oz of jerky, 3 bottles of water, and two bottles of Fruit2O water.

The "Fruit2O" is a fruit-flavored water, with no real fruit juice, no calories, no carbs, no nothing. Except however, it contains an artificial sweetener.

My wife bought a case of it for me to try.

There used to be a time when I wanted that sweet stuff. But now, after a couple of weeks of just drinking water, with a squirt of lemon juice, I don't like that sweetness, at least not in my water anyways.

Fruit2O has a nice fruity taste, I wish they could just use the fruit flavoring without the sweeteners.

Compared to plain bottled water with a squirt of lemon juice, the water seems to be more refreshing after eating a package of beef jerky. The Fruit2O feels like it has a thicker consistency, as if I'm gulping down sugar water.

But I do appreciate knowing Fruit2O has some vitamins added.

Of course, bottled water and a bottle of Real Lemon concentrate is far cheaper than Fruit2O.


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