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Exercising and Dieting Continues

Weighed in this morning at 167 pounds. Down two pounds from yesterday.

Yesterday, my wife and I had brunch at Onami in Escondido. It's a japanese seafood & sushi buffet. I had plate full of sushi and sashimi, and then had another plate of egg plant, mushroom, cabbage, and roasted bell peppers. I stayed completely away from their fried offerings. Oh, and a Diet Coke. I was full when I left, but not stuffed.

And I did my full round of exercises, starting with my 2 mile walk-n-jog first thing in the morning. And then 30 sit-ups, 30 crunches, and 10 push-ups. Later in the evening I also did my 1 mile walk with the dogs, and then did another 30 sit-ups, 30 crunches, and 10 push-ups.

In in the afternoon, I also did more work in the backyard, trimming another couple pygmy date palms, and pulling more weeds. I still have another six palms to trim, and yet more weeds pull, and more shrubs to trim.

167 pounds matches my lowest weight ever on this diet plan, and I think that goes back to last January. My goal for this week is to weigh in on Saturday morning at 166 pounds. So, one pound in the next five days shouldn't too hard, eh?

But I'm also pleased that I maintained my dietary composure over the weekend. I could have easily stuffed myself with chow and beer, but kept my cool, and ate more veggies.

Oh, as for the blood pressure thing, I measured it again yesterday, after we returned home from brunch, and it read 110/71, which is well within the normal range. So I think that really low blood pressure I had Saturday was due to a combination of dehydration from riding all day, and not getting enough sodium.


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