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Beef Jerky and Weight Loss

Weighed in this morning at 170 pounds, still no weight loss since Monday.

I did my daily walk-n-jog this morning.

Yesterday was my non-diet day. I had a large salad with fat-free raspberry vinaigrette dressing, and two beers. I also had about 4oz jerky as I was learning how to make my own. Then my usual swig of kefir and a Dannon Activia at night.

But I guess not having gained any weight from yesterday being off the diet is good. However, I'm still trying to hit my goal of 168 pounds by the end of this week, which is tomorrow!

Weight loss on a beef jerky diet is rather erratic. Some days I can lose up to 5 pounds, other days I gain 5 pounds. And then there are times like these where I sit at the same weight for a week or two. So it's still possible for me to lose 2 pounds today, and weight in at 168 tomorrow.

I was talking to a buddy of mine yesterday about my weight loss and my beef jerky diet. He thinks I'm already skinny enough. I said I want to lose another 20 pounds and reach 150, and he shook his head in disbelief. In college, I had actually weighed 130 pounds, and I'm still the same height, 5'8". So, I think 150 is not unreasonable.


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