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Lost Four Pounds in Three Days

Weighed in this morning at 172 pounds, down four pounds from last Sunday.

The past three days I've managed to stick to my diet plan.

Sundays are still designated as a "normal food" day, which my wife and I indulged in some sushi and japanese food. I didn't eat anything else that day.

Both Monday and Tuesday I stuck to the beef jerky diet. Although, I didn't exercise those two days, so, go figure how I managed to lose four pounds over that three day stretch.

But this morning I did go out for a 3/4 mile run with a 1 1/4 mile walk.

So today I have another beef jerky day, with Thursday a "normal food" day, and Friday is back to the jerky. I'm hoping that I can finish out this week slimming myself down to 170 pounds.


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