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Lemon Water vs. Diet Sodas

Weighed in this morning at 171 pounds, down one from yesterday.

I did my morning exercise, jogging for 1 mile, and walking 1 mile.

I just need to lose one more pound to reach my goal of 170 for the end of this week.

Today is supposed to be my non-jerky day. But I'm feeling inspired to hit that 170 mark, so I'm debating on sticking to the jerky.

I'm still drinking a lot of diet sodas, but I've also been incorporating a lot of bottled water lately. The stuff actually tastes good to me :)

But what I've also done is squirt in some lemon concentrate, which adds just enough flavor. I'll do one squirt into a typical 16oz bottle. I got the idea after reading about probiotics. Probiotics is the "beneficial bacteria" that yogurt provides, particularly the Dannon Activia I've been drinking lately.

Anyways, I found some articles saying that pure lemon juice helps clean out the liver, and considering all the beer I've been drinking these days, I could use a clean liver.

But I'm also left wondering if there's anything in diet sodas that somehow makes weight loss more difficult. Maybe there's some kind of ingredient that slows down the metabolism, or supresses a hormone, or who knows what. So, I'm toying with the idea of not drinking anymore diet sodas, and sticking to the lemon water.

Slowly but surely, I'm turing into a health freak.


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