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Feeling Much More Alive

Weighed in this morning at 171 pounds, no change from yesterday.

I did my morning jog and run today.

I tried to stick to the beef jerky diet yesterday, even thought it was supposed to be my non-diet day. However, my wife decided to cook up a turkey dinner, and so I couldn't refuse, considering the effort she went into.

But, at least I didn't gain any weight from it, which I chalk up to the exercise.

One interesting observation I've made since having lost about 50+ pounds on this diet regimen, is that my pulse is much stronger. I remember back in my college days, when I was lighter yet, I could feel my pulse just by touching my neck lightly. When I ballooned up to 240 pounds, I could no longer feel that pulse.

So now here I'm down to 171 pounds, and I can feel that pulse again, quite easily. In fact, I can sit still and let my hands rest free, and feel the blood pulsating in my fingers. I couldn't feel that before.


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