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Dannon Activia and Beef Jerky

Weighed in this morning at 173 pounds.

Over the past month since my last blog post, I've been going up and down in weight from as high as 180 to as low as 175.

For the most part, it's been a struggle to stay on the beef jerky diet. I'll spend most of the day sticking to the diet, and doing some exercise. But later in the evening the urge to snack grows so strong, that I've been dipping into some chips, ice cream, and cookies.

This current 173 pounds matches the weight from June 13 of this year. Mostly it's due to employing sheer willpower to lose weight. I noticed that recently I've eaten most of my jerky during the day, leaving me hungry at night. So instead I moved my last bag of jerky towards the evening, around 7:00pm to 8:00pm. That seems to have helped.

As far as exercise, I've been jogging more. The past week I've jogged about 1/2 mile everyday, whereas before it was about once every few days.

Dannon Activia

I tried substituting the V8 vegetable juice with this stuff. Part of the reason for using V8 in the first place was to provide some fiber, since a beef jerky diet has no fiber in it all. But, V8 is high in sodium, and I'm already getting too much sodium from the beef jerky.

This Dannon Activia claims to do a better job of keeping you "regular". So, I'm drinking a bottle each evening. So far, it's working.

My brother gave me the inspiration to try this. He actually posted some photos on making homemade "kefir", which is comparable to yogurt, but even more hardcore in terms of bacteria culture. So I did some googling on kefir, and learned that it's supposed to do really well in keeping you regular, and blowing all the crud out of your guts.

I couldn't find kefir at my grocery store, but found this Dannon Activia instead. I don't think it's anything close to kefir, but it makes similar claims that people say about kefir.

And it's tastes just like yogurt, and it's not bad at all.


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