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Sticking to the Diet

Weighed in this morning at 178 pounds.

Stuck to the beef jerky diet yesterday. 8 ounces of jerky all day, 2 cans of vegetable juice, and 3 cans of Diet Coke.

The urge to indulge is tough to beat. The wife went grocery shopping yesterday, and brought home plenty of goodies, mostly bakery stuff, like cookies, cinnamon muffins, and corn bread. It was best for me to stay out of the kitchen.

In past months, I had said I was on the beef jerky diet 4 days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Meanwhile, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday I'd eat normal food.

Well, on Thursdays I'd go out with my friends on our motorcycles and do some riding. We'd usually hit up a restaurant somewhere and eat burgers, or ribs, or pizza.

But for now, Thursday I'm staying home, for financial reasons.

So as far as my beef jerky diet is concerned, I could possibly spend 5 days on the diet, and two days off. But for now, I'll play it by ear and see how my weight loss is progressing.

There's some yummy homemade lasagna in the fridge that my wife made last week. I need to eat it before it gets furry.


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