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Beer & Pizza and Lost Three Pounds

Weighed in this morning at 177 pounds.

I've been trying to stay on the beef jerky diet this week, but it's been tough. Yesterday, I did that largely, but still succumbed to a cinnamon apple muffin later on in the evening. But, I did some exercise, walking about 1.5 miles, and jogging for 0.5.

My wife felt pretty good on Monday, and made me a grilled turkey and swiss sandwich. Then on Tuesday she baked a pizza. My mother-in-law also bought me a six pack of Sierra Nevada IPA for Father's Day, which I've consumed a few bottles of. I'm not a father, but that didn't stop her from celebrating.

All that being said, I still managed to lose a few pounds since last weekend. It was largely exercise that did the trick.

So it's Thursday today, and the garbage truck has emptied my garbage cans, so I can throw out more stuff from my garage, and organize things a little more. That'll give me a bit of exercise.


July 15, 2009 at 7:36 PM jonathan said...

Avoiding such foods are really great for the diet. They are junky, don't have nutrients, and make feel less energized.

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