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What to do With the Beef Sticks

Weighed in this morning at 169 pounds, no change from yesterday.

Yesterday, I had about 6 ounces of jerky, and 4 cans of Diet Coke. Later in the evening I got the munchies pretty bad, and I ended up eating some leftover grape-tomatoes and some baby carrots that I found in the fridge, about a couple handfuls.

No exercise either.

I've talked about the beef sticks that I've received from some jerky manufacturers, and wondered if I should include their reviews on my beef jerky blog, or if I should launch a new blog just for beef sticks.

Well, I've been thinking about that question, and I'm going to move forward on created a new blog for beef sticks. I won't be publishing new reviews as frequently as I do with jerky, rather this new blog will exist purely as a placeholder for all the sausage-style snacks that I end up with.

So, I'll be working on building that, and I'll announce it later.


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