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The Weather Out Here

Weighed in this morning at 169 pounds, down three pounds from last Sunday.

Been on the jerky diet Monday and Tuesday, and even did a couple miles of walking yesterday.

It's been rather warm here in Southern California for a January, and I've been reading that in the upper mid-west, it's been super cold. Our warmer temps are due to a Santa Ana wind condition here. But that's supposed to cease later today, and start cooling back down by this weekend.

So I've been taking advantage of the warmer temps and doing some motorcycle riding, and hanging out with my friends. But the 10-day forecast is calling for clouds and even rain, and looks like we're headed for more staying-home weather. That's usually good for the diet.


January 18, 2009 at 10:28 AM Anonymous said...

Bravo on your weight loss!

Quick question that I haven't seen skimming around your blogs. How many calories are you taking in on Jerky days and non diet days?

I see on your Jerky days you say maybe 5 to 8 ozs assuming 80 calories per 1oz, that equates to 400 to 640 calories per day?

January 18, 2009 at 6:02 PM Steve Johnson said...

Yeah, that's about how many calories. On the non-diet days, I don't track calories at all, I just eat whatever I feel like, and how much I feel like.

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