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Can You Get Mad Cow Disease From Beef Jerky?

Here's the question of the day (that I found in my log files)...

"Can I get mad cow disease from eating beef jerky?"

The answer is "yes". But only from an animal infected with mad cow disease. And, cooking the meat won't help. Not even if you burn it to a crisp.


March 18, 2009 at 1:32 PM Anonymous said...

So how's it going? I've been trying a liquid protein diet (about 360 calories total for breakfast and lunch) and then try to eat "normal" for dinner. I figure that even if I gorge myself and cosume 1,000 calories at dinner, I'll still lose some weight - right now I weight about 300 pounds - I used to weigh 312. So - how is this connected to beef jerky? Simple - I eat it from time to time as a snack. It's high in protein and tasty . . . I will admit that the sodium level has me concerned some, but I drink lots of water. Good luck and keep blogging!

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