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Lost 7 Pounds for December

Weighed in this morning at 172 pounds, down two more from yesterday.

Yesterday, I had 5 ounces of jerky, 2 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon, and 2 more around dinner time. Then I had four cans of Diet Coke spread around there. It was enough to keep from feeling hungry most of the day.

I also took the dogs for another 2 mile walk.

Well good news, I hit my weight loss goal for the month. I started December at 179 pounds, and ended it at 172. I had actually taken myself down to 170 in the middle of the month, but all the Christmas feasting took me back up to 178. I only had a few days after that to get myself down to 172.

Limiting myself to just beef jerky on these diet days certainly is not a nutritious way to diet, but it definitely produces results. Today is my non-diet day. Going motorcycle riding again with some friends. We're supposed to lunch at this burger joint, but I'm going make an effort to get some salad in me.

So now for January, I'm setting my weight loss goal to 165 pounds.


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