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Eating and Eating and Eating

Weighed in this morning at 172 pounds. Up three pounds from last Wednesday's report.

Since then, I went as high as 174 pounds. I did spend Monday through Wednesday on the beef jerky diet, though I did do a little snacking on some fresh veggies.

But Thursday was my normal non-diet day, and I spent it riding my friends to Callahan's Pub & Brewery in Mira Mesa. I had the avocado salad and a 22oz beer. Then I had coffee and beer at another pub later on, and finally snacked on some appetizers at a Mexican restaurant that evening.

Friday, my wife wanted to get some lunch at Sizzlers, so I had the salad bar. That evening I had a pint of mango sorbet.

Saturday, jumped on the motorcycle again with some friends, and porked out on some ribs and tri-tip. Then I had a couple of beers at Back Street Brewery in Ladera Ranch. That was that for the night.

Today, I'm heading over to Rodrigo's in Temecula to watch the Charger game. I'll be drinking down margaritas, and eating chips & salsa, and who knows what.


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