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Dieting on Leftovers

Weighed in this morning at 172 pounds.

Since my last report on Thursday, I've been going up and down between 174 and 172. That Thursday, I said I was going motorcycle riding, and I did, and I did indeed have a chef salad like I wanted. I needed to get some veggies into me after several days of just red meat.

The following Friday, I also went motorcycle riding again, and stopped in this little town called Pine Valley, in eastern San Diego County. I had a denver omelette, potatoes, english muffin, and two cups of coffee. Later that day I had a hot mocha at Starbucks. That night I ate up some leftovers from Christmas, ham, rolls, and macaroni cheese.

That takes me to Saturday, where I ate up some more leftovers. More ham again, the rest of the scalloped potatoes, and more rolls. But yesterday, that was all I ate, and I think it was enough to get me back down to 172.

So today, I'm staying home again, and working on some more leftovers. There's still ham left, some turkey, green beans, mashed potatoes, stuffing, some little smokies, some of the veggie tray, still lots that I need to gobble down before it goes bad.


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