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Apple Pie and Old Beer

Weighed in this morning at 170 pounds, down two from yesterday.

I think that weight loss, however, is from the diarrhea that started late last night. I had the last two slices of my wife's apple-cherry pie. This was not the same pie that I had been writing about earlier in December, but a second one that she baked around Christmas Eve.

I washed that pie down with a bottle of Michelob Amber Bock that had been sitting in the fridge for about 9 months. It didn't quite taste the way it's supposed to taste, this one had an aftertaste like rubbing alcohol.

So I think the combination of that heavy sweet pie, and this old beer, did a bad, bad thing to my innards.

Otherwise, that same day I had eaten some more leftover ham, and some leftover stuffing. I thought for certain that as much food I ate that day I would gain a pound or two. But instead, losing two pounds was probably due to getting the runs.

I'm going to shoot for today, tomorrow, and Wednesday as being beef jerky diet days, and see if maybe I can trim myself down to around 165 by Thursday's weigh in.


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