Can You Get Mad Cow Disease From Beef Jerky?

Here's the question of the day (that I found in my log files)...

"Can I get mad cow disease from eating beef jerky?"

The answer is "yes". But only from an animal infected with mad cow disease. And, cooking the meat won't help. Not even if you burn it to a crisp.

Blowing My Diet

Weighed in this morning at 175 pounds. Up about 6 pounds from the last report which was Wednesday.

Pretty much from Wednesday evening through Sunday evening, I spent off the diet. I just pretty much ate whatever sounded good. Burgers, beer, mac & cheese, chocolates, screwdrivers, pizza. It was all fun.

Today I'm sticking to the diet, and planning to do so tomorrow and wednesday. My goal is to lose that 6 pounds.

My goal for this month is still to slim down to 165 pounds.

The Weather Out Here

Weighed in this morning at 169 pounds, down three pounds from last Sunday.

Been on the jerky diet Monday and Tuesday, and even did a couple miles of walking yesterday.

It's been rather warm here in Southern California for a January, and I've been reading that in the upper mid-west, it's been super cold. Our warmer temps are due to a Santa Ana wind condition here. But that's supposed to cease later today, and start cooling back down by this weekend.

So I've been taking advantage of the warmer temps and doing some motorcycle riding, and hanging out with my friends. But the 10-day forecast is calling for clouds and even rain, and looks like we're headed for more staying-home weather. That's usually good for the diet.

Eating and Eating and Eating

Weighed in this morning at 172 pounds. Up three pounds from last Wednesday's report.

Since then, I went as high as 174 pounds. I did spend Monday through Wednesday on the beef jerky diet, though I did do a little snacking on some fresh veggies.

But Thursday was my normal non-diet day, and I spent it riding my friends to Callahan's Pub & Brewery in Mira Mesa. I had the avocado salad and a 22oz beer. Then I had coffee and beer at another pub later on, and finally snacked on some appetizers at a Mexican restaurant that evening.

Friday, my wife wanted to get some lunch at Sizzlers, so I had the salad bar. That evening I had a pint of mango sorbet.

Saturday, jumped on the motorcycle again with some friends, and porked out on some ribs and tri-tip. Then I had a couple of beers at Back Street Brewery in Ladera Ranch. That was that for the night.

Today, I'm heading over to Rodrigo's in Temecula to watch the Charger game. I'll be drinking down margaritas, and eating chips & salsa, and who knows what.

What to do With the Beef Sticks

Weighed in this morning at 169 pounds, no change from yesterday.

Yesterday, I had about 6 ounces of jerky, and 4 cans of Diet Coke. Later in the evening I got the munchies pretty bad, and I ended up eating some leftover grape-tomatoes and some baby carrots that I found in the fridge, about a couple handfuls.

No exercise either.

I've talked about the beef sticks that I've received from some jerky manufacturers, and wondered if I should include their reviews on my beef jerky blog, or if I should launch a new blog just for beef sticks.

Well, I've been thinking about that question, and I'm going to move forward on created a new blog for beef sticks. I won't be publishing new reviews as frequently as I do with jerky, rather this new blog will exist purely as a placeholder for all the sausage-style snacks that I end up with.

So, I'll be working on building that, and I'll announce it later.

Down in the 160s

Weighed in this morning at 169 pounds, down one from yesterday.

Yesterday, I did 8 ounces of jerky, and 4 cans of Diet Coke.

No exercise yesterday.

Apple Pie and Old Beer

Weighed in this morning at 170 pounds, down two from yesterday.

I think that weight loss, however, is from the diarrhea that started late last night. I had the last two slices of my wife's apple-cherry pie. This was not the same pie that I had been writing about earlier in December, but a second one that she baked around Christmas Eve.

I washed that pie down with a bottle of Michelob Amber Bock that had been sitting in the fridge for about 9 months. It didn't quite taste the way it's supposed to taste, this one had an aftertaste like rubbing alcohol.

So I think the combination of that heavy sweet pie, and this old beer, did a bad, bad thing to my innards.

Otherwise, that same day I had eaten some more leftover ham, and some leftover stuffing. I thought for certain that as much food I ate that day I would gain a pound or two. But instead, losing two pounds was probably due to getting the runs.

I'm going to shoot for today, tomorrow, and Wednesday as being beef jerky diet days, and see if maybe I can trim myself down to around 165 by Thursday's weigh in.

Dieting on Leftovers

Weighed in this morning at 172 pounds.

Since my last report on Thursday, I've been going up and down between 174 and 172. That Thursday, I said I was going motorcycle riding, and I did, and I did indeed have a chef salad like I wanted. I needed to get some veggies into me after several days of just red meat.

The following Friday, I also went motorcycle riding again, and stopped in this little town called Pine Valley, in eastern San Diego County. I had a denver omelette, potatoes, english muffin, and two cups of coffee. Later that day I had a hot mocha at Starbucks. That night I ate up some leftovers from Christmas, ham, rolls, and macaroni cheese.

That takes me to Saturday, where I ate up some more leftovers. More ham again, the rest of the scalloped potatoes, and more rolls. But yesterday, that was all I ate, and I think it was enough to get me back down to 172.

So today, I'm staying home again, and working on some more leftovers. There's still ham left, some turkey, green beans, mashed potatoes, stuffing, some little smokies, some of the veggie tray, still lots that I need to gobble down before it goes bad.

Lost 7 Pounds for December

Weighed in this morning at 172 pounds, down two more from yesterday.

Yesterday, I had 5 ounces of jerky, 2 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon, and 2 more around dinner time. Then I had four cans of Diet Coke spread around there. It was enough to keep from feeling hungry most of the day.

I also took the dogs for another 2 mile walk.

Well good news, I hit my weight loss goal for the month. I started December at 179 pounds, and ended it at 172. I had actually taken myself down to 170 in the middle of the month, but all the Christmas feasting took me back up to 178. I only had a few days after that to get myself down to 172.

Limiting myself to just beef jerky on these diet days certainly is not a nutritious way to diet, but it definitely produces results. Today is my non-diet day. Going motorcycle riding again with some friends. We're supposed to lunch at this burger joint, but I'm going make an effort to get some salad in me.

So now for January, I'm setting my weight loss goal to 165 pounds.