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Lost my Digital Camera!

Weighed in this morning at 179 pounds, up 6 pounds from Saturday.

Saturday I attended a Christmas party. It was pot luck. There's was tons of diet-wrecking decadence there, stuff like tamales, enchiladas, pork ribs, pulled pork, cookies, chips, cheesecake. It goes on and on. I pretty much drank wine the night long.

Then on Sunday, I went back to my friend's house, he's the guy who hosted the party, and had some leftovers. Then I went to another friend's house, and ate some of his leftover macaroni & cheese, and watched a football game with him.

I couldn't believe I gained 6 pounds over those two days. I'm glad I didn't breach the 180 pound mark.

However, at that Christmas party I lost my digital camera. I use that camera for all my blogging. That means, I can't write my beef jerky reviews, because I can't take photos of beef jerky! My wife already planned to buy me a new digital camera anyways, but she won't let me have it until Christmas.

I'm thinking of using her digital camera instead. But since I don't have that camera's driver installed on my laptop, I have to download the photos on her laptop, and transfer them to mine. But on top of that, she has a totally different camera, and I don't know anything about its features.

I spent quite some time mastering my beef jerky photo shoots, working with the lighting to get bright-white backgrounds, and extremely still digital macro close-ups. I've been reluctant to practice with her camera, but I'm going to have to.


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