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Lost 100 Pounds Snacking on Jerky

Weighed in this morning at 174 pounds, down two more from yesterday.

Yesterday, the diet consisted of 7 ounces of jerky, four cans of Diet Coke, and one Bud Light. I also walked the dogs for two miles.

I read this article yesterday about an ob/gyn physician who found herself overweight mostly due to snacking on cupcakes she buys from a vending machine. Her work was so busy and so stressful, that she became obese. But since then, at age 60, she retired and found her life more relaxing. She lost 100 pounds, snacking on better food.

And what's that better food? Apparently peanuts and jerky...

She smiled because she didn't crave the cupcakes anymore. When she snacks, she has peanuts or beef jerky.

Then she noticed packages of peanuts and beef jerky in that very machine, where they'd always been.
I had to share this because I've lost a lot of weight snacking on jerky also.


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