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How to Make Your Clothes Shrink

Weighed in this morning at 173 pounds, down two pounds from yesterday.

Yesterday I had about 4 ounces of jerky, two cans of Diet Coke, two cans of V8, and the last slice of my wife's apple-cherry pie.

Earlier, I talked about needing to buy new t-shirts since the ones I have are too big for me. But I decided to see if I could shrink my existing t-shirts in the wash. So I dumped several of them into the washing machine, and set the water to hot. Then I tumbled them dry, on hot, for about an hour. I tried them on this morning, and most do seem to be a little bit smaller, only because they don't look as baggy as they used to. They're still probably a tad large, but ok for now.

So, I think I'm going to stick with that. I only did it with my XL sized shirts. I'll probably do it with my jeans as well.


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