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Christmas Can Kill a Diet

Weighed in this morning at 178 pounds. That's up about 7 pounds from my last report.

Christmas can really kill a diet.

Christmas day we enjoyed a big feast centered around a baked ham. The day after Christmas, I hooked up with a buddy, and rode our motorcycles to Oceanside for some pizza and beer. The following day, we had another big feast, centered around a roasted turkey, with our niece and her two kids. Then yesterday, we had some friends visiting, which called for another feast, but this time eating up the leftovers.

Four days of belly stuffing.

I started this month at 179 pounds. My goal is to finish it at 172. I had actually gotten down to 170 at the mid-point of the month, but gained most of that back. So now, I've got three days left in this month to trim off 7 pounds. It can be done, but really tough.

I haven't published many jerky reviews because of all the feasting we've been doing, plus the fact that I had been fighting the flu bug too. I hope to get things back on track now.


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