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Calculating My Proper Body Weight

Weighed in this morning at 176 pounds, down two from yesterday.

Yesterday I had about 6 ounces of jerky, 3 cans of Diet Coke, and two bottles of Bud Light. That was it.

I also walked the dogs for 1 mile.

I've been rethinking my weight loss goal of 160 pounds. In talking to some other people who are around the same height as me, and in checking out the many weight calculators online, it seems my proper weight should be about 150 pounds instead.

For my height of 5'8", my weight should vary between 140 to 160 pounds, depending on how much muscle mass I have, and how stocky of a body I have. Since I don't have much muscle mass, and I'm of average build, I'm thinking I should be about 150.

But I think I'll do is get myself down to 160 pounds and reassess things and then decide if I really want to shoot for 150.


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