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Too Much Liquids

Weighed in this morning at 179 pounds.

The past few days since the last blog post has been up and down. But I think I figured out part of my problem in tracking my weight, liquids.

On days when I gain 3-4 pounds, it's because I drank a lot of liquids the day before, and still have a lot left in me. On days when I drop 3-4 pounds, it's because I didn't drink enough.

So yesterday, I had four full sized cups of Diet Coke in the afternoon. That probably amounted to 8 cans. But by around 5:00pm, I stopped drinking liquids, and didn't drink anything else up until this morning's weigh in. Throughout that evening I continued to pee and pee, and then had another long pee when I got out of bed this morning. I actually dropped a pound from the last blog post.

Water loss is not true weight loss, because you're not losing fat. But it does help me understand the role of water in explaining the strange gains and losses in weight.

But specifically with the beef jerky diet, you do need lots of liquids to help flush the sodium out. So, I think I'll continue drinking lots.


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