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Tapas and Beer

Day 6 here in Renton, WA. Last we went to this place called "The Red House" in downtown, and had "tapas and beer". Tapas is a spanish word for appetizers. I was kinda perplexed how my father shifted from using the word "munchies" to "tapas". I told him too much of the neo-liberal culture in Seattle has tainted the blue-collar roots that he grew up with in Renton.

So I had a beer there, and indulged in some of those "tapas", which was basically chipotle deviled eggs, and some pickled jicama. I know, it's not quite the buffalo wings and nachos that I'd typically order in my native Southern California, but then again, Renton ain't that blue-collar town it used to be.

After that, we drove to Stamford's, a higher-class Americana restaurant in nearby Tukwila. I had a rib-eye steak, which came with a loaded potato and asparagus. The steak was awesome. I also threw down a bloody mary, and had the "bag of donuts" for dessert, which consisted of square-shaped donuts, with powdered sugar and cinnamon, with a cup of dipping chocolate. That too, was very delish.

Side Note: I think I'm going to stop using the words "Diet Log" in the title of these posts. It's too repetive from day to day and doesn't really tell you anything. I'll still have the "Diet-Logs" label at the bottom of the post.


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