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Lost Three Pounds on Jerky

Weighed in this morning at 180 pounds, down three pounds from yesterday. That's my lowest weight ever since going on the diet.

And yesterday all I ate was jerky, about five and a half ounces worth. Read my reviews of Golden Valley Natural - Buffalo Teriyaki, and Wild Joe's Beef Jerky - Natural.

No exercise yesterday. The best I can figure it was eating this jerky all day long by having a little bit here and there spread out across 10-12 hours. I only drank diet Cokes.

I've been wondering about beef sticks, as opposed to beef jerky. Every now and then, a beef jerky company sends me samples of beef sticks in addition to samples of beef jerky. I can't really fit the beef sticks into my diet regimen, since I'm trying to limit it to jerky. If I added the beef sticks, I'd have to redefine the diet as "meat snack diet" as opposed to "beef jerky diet".

I also thought about expanding the beef jerky review blog by including beef sticks. So far, I'm still apprehensive about doing that. Any beef sticks that I've reviewed, I've published on Junk Food Blog, and if you've noticed, I haven't updated that blog very often.

Another thought was to build a separate blog just for beef sticks. That would probably be my first preference. But still, I can't really fit the beef sticks into my diet regimen. But maybe I could recruit someone to write the reviews for me? Maybe I could send that person free beef sticks on a regular basis? But no, I have my doubts that I can trust someone to consistently write beef stick reviews almost everyday.

For me, just writing beef jerky reviews is a lesson in consistency and reliability. As easy as it might sound to others, it eventually becomes rather trying over the long haul. I have to remind myself that I've made a committment to doing this, not just to my media business, but to the jerky manufacturers who sent me samples. I'm also saving myself a lot of money each month, by eating only the samples I've been sent, and not buying groceries from the store. And of course, I'm trying to commit to this weight loss plan. Those are the factors that keeps me going.

The question is, if I recruit someone to write beef stick reviews, will that person have similar factors that keep them writing reviews daily?


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